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PS: As different flowers have various florescence and some flowers are seasonal flowers, the colors and types of flowers that shown in the photo will switch from time to time according to different seasons. Therefore, customers please kindly note that the flower types and colors might not be exactly the same as those which shown in the photo. The most often used flowers are as follows: Anthurium, Hydrangea, Coleus Flower, Bird of Paradise, Yellow Lily, Red Lily, Sun Flower, Different Colors of Roses.
備註: 由於不同的花朵有不同的花期和季節性,所以圖中看到的花種和顏色會因應不同的季節和時期作出自動調整及替換,而這個季節較常用的花有以下幾款:紅掌、繡球、彩葉花、天堂鳥、百合黃色、紅色百合、各色太陽、各色玫瑰,我們會以不同款式的花牌/花籃配以合適的花種及顏色,所以請顧客知悉我們用的花種和顏色未必跟圖片一模一樣,而圖片顯示的是過往不同季節做出的參考作品

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